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Job description

  • Attending class (this is a job requirement. Do not apply for courses, for which you have a time conflict).
  • Run weekly problem sessions.
  • Be available for questions: office hours, electronically.
  • Grading Homework and return them in time.
  • Provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class.
  • In some courses: post material on the course website.

Upper level CA Application

Your first and last name:
Your e-mail:
Your Concentration or department if you are Grad student:
Which courses are you interested to CA:
Any courses you have CA'd before?:
What math courses have you taken already?:
For questions about upper level CA positions, contact Oliver Knill ( If you are interested in an Xa-21b course assistant position, start here. There is a different application process for lower level CA positions.

Lineup Fall 2009

Daniel Nachajon    23a  Paul Bamberg
John Casale     23a  Paul Bamberg
Adam Arthurs     23a  Paul Bamberg
Ellen Rice       23a  Paul Bamberg
David Goode      23a  Paul Bamberg
Kevin Donoghue     23a  Paul Bamberg
Katherine Banks     25a      Nir Avni
Winston Luo        25a      Nir Avni
Hamsa Sridhar    25a      Nir Avni
Alex Zhai        55a      Curt McMullen
Si Li           114      YumTong Siu
Yannik Pitcan     116  Paul Bamberg
Brent Ho          121    Sarah Koch
Alex Isakov      122    Barry Mazur
Joe  Chen    122    Barry Mazur
Leah Xue      122    Barry Mazur
Jeremy Booher     124  Richard Taylor
Laura Starkston    131 Clark Barwick
Ernest Fontes     131 Clark Barwick
Jesse Geneson    141    Gerald Sacks
Andrew Ostergaard 152     John Hall
Jurie Boreico     221     Toby Gee
Jack Huizenga   232a   Joe Harris
Nicolas Bar       233a Dennis Gaitsgory
Thomas Koberda    231a Clark Barwick
Yi Li           136   Lydia Bieri
Yi Li           230a   Lydia Bieri
Dmitry Vaintrob 213a   Yum-Tong Siu
Yevgeny Zaytman    gzaytman                     293  Alina Marian

Upperlevel courses Fall 2009

Math 23a  Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I            Bamberg    TTH 2:30  
Math 25a  Honors Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I     Avni       MWF 10 
Math 55a  Honors Abstract Algebra                       McMullen   MWF 10 
Math 114  Analysis II: Measure, Integr./Banach Spaces   Siu        TTH 10  
Math 115  Methods of Analysis                           Yin        TTH 1 
Math 116  Convexity and Optimization with Applications  Bamberg    TTH 4-5:30  
Math 121  Linear Algebra and Applications               Koch       MWF 12 
Math 122  Algebra I: Theory of Groups/Vector Spaces     Mazur      TTH 11:30 
Math 124  Number Theory                                 R.Taylor   MWF 11 
Math 131  Topology I: Topological Spaces/Fundam. Group  Barwick    MWF 12      
Math 136  Differential Geometry                         Bieri      MWF 10 
Math 141  Introduction to Mathematical Logic            Sacks      MWF 1  
Math 152  Discrete Mathematics                          Hall       MWF 11  
Math 153  Mathematical Biology-Evolutionary Dynamics    Nowak      TTH 2:30 
Math 212a Real Analysis (formerly Mathematics 212ar)    H-T Yau    TTH 10 
Math 213a Complex Analysis                              Siu        TTH 11:30 
Math 221  Commutative Algebra                           Gee        MWF 11 
Math 222  Lie Groups and Lie Algebras                   Schmid     TTH 10 
Math 230a Differential Geometry                         Bieri      MWF 1  
Math 231a Algebraic Topology                            Barwick    MWF 2  
Math 232a Introduction to Algebraic Geometry I (f.260a) Harris     MWF 10    
Math 233a Theory of Schemes I (formerly Math 261a)      Gaitsgory  TTH 3-4:30 
Math 264  Intro Dynamics of Large Quantum Systems       Knowles    MWF 2  
Math 275z Riemann Surfaces and Hyperbolic Geometry      McMullen   MWF 12 
Math 278y Algebraic Topology Literature                 Hopkins    WF 2              
Math 285  Topics in Low-Dimensional Topology            Kronheimer TTH 11:30 
Math 293  Topics in the Moduli Theory of Sheaves        Marian     MWF 11

Lineup Spring 2009

Here is the spring lineup:

Zhao Chen 23b  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Jun-Ying Liu     23b  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Jiashuo Feng 23b  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Alexander Isakov 23b  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Laura Starkston 25b   Lydia_Bieri         UCA
Andy Olsen 25b   Lydia_Bieri         UCA
John Lesieutre   25b   Lydia_Bieri         UCA
Vesselin Dimitrov 55b      Curtis_McMullen     UCA
Andrew Ostergaard   101      John_Duncan         UCA
Harrison Pugh    101      John_Duncan         UCA
Dennis Sun   112 Danijela_Damjanovic UCA
Derek Lietz   112 Danijela_Damjanovic UCA
Genya Zaytman  113      Yum-Tong_Siu        GCA
Matt Tai     118r   Shlomo_Sternberg    UCA
Francois Greer   123    Barry_Mazur         UCA
Dmitry Vaintrob 129  Kathe_Stange   UCA 
Jonathan Wang   130  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Olga Zverovitch  130  Paul_Bamberg        UCA
Suh-Hyun Choi  132      Michael_Hopkins     GCA
Weijun Xu        132      Michael_Hopkins     GCA
Iurie Boreico 137      John_Duncan         UCA
Jesse Geneson 144    Gerald_Sacks        UCA
Charles Chen   154   Lauren_Williams     UCA
Yi Sun      154   Lauren_Williams     UCA
Chung-Jun Tsai   213b   Wilfried_Schmid     GCA
David Geraghty  223b     Toby_Gee            GCA
Yi Li     230b   Shlomo_Sternberg    GCA
Genya Zaytman  232b Peter_Kronheimer    GCA
Stefan Hornet  231b      Michael_Hopkins     GCA
Nick Rozenblyum      222 Dennis_Gaitsgory    GCA

Courses Spring 2009

For Type I (gateway courses) Math23,25,55,101,112,122,131, we hire enough CA's to keep sections sizes small. For Type II (mainstream courses), we determine the number of CA's depending on the first week of term based on the enrollment data supplied by the registrar.
Math 23b    Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II  Bamberg      TTh 2-3:3    4 GW
Math 25b    Honors Lin. Alg. and Real Anal. II   Bieri        MWF 10       3 GW
Math 55b    Honors real and Complex Analysis     McMullen     TTh 10-11:3  1 GW
Math 101    Sets Groups and Topology             Duncan       MWF 11       2 GW
Math 112    Introductory Real Analsysis          Damjanovic   MWF 11       2 GW
Math 113    Complex Function Theory              Siu          TTh 10-11:3  2 GW
Math 118r   Dynamical Systems                    Sternberg    TTh 11:30-1  1
Math 123    Algebra II: Rings and Fields         Mazur        TTh 11:30-1  1
Math 129    Number Fields                        Strange      MWF 12       1
Math 130    Classical Geometry (f. 138)          Bamberg      MW  4-5:3    2
Math 132    Topology II Smooth Manifolds         Hopkins      MWF 11       1
Math 137    Algebraic Geometry                   Duncan       MWF 2        1
Math 144    Model Theory and Algebra             Sacks        MWF 1        1
Math 154    Probability Theory (f. 191)          Williams     TTh 1-2:3    2
Math 212br  Advanced Real Analysis               HT Yau       TTh10-11:3   1
Math 213br  Advanced Complex Analysis            Schmid       TTh 11:30-1  1
Math 222    Lie Groups and Lie Algebras          Gaitsgory    MWF 10       1
Math 223b   Algebraic Number Theory              Gee          MWF 12       1
Math 230br  Advanced Diff. Geometry              Sternberg    TTH 10-11:3  1
Math 231br  Advanced Alg. Topology (f. 272b)     Hopkins      MWF 2        1
Math 232br  Intro. Alg. Geometry II (f. 260b)    Kronheimer   MWF 11       1
Math 243    Evolutionary Dynamics                Nowak        Tue 1-4      0
Math 254    Autom. Forms and Galois Repres.      Taylor       MWF 9        0
Math 275    Appl. Analytic Meth. to Alg Geom.    Siu          TTh 11:30-1  0
Math 276    Expander Graphs and Number Theory    Avni         MWF 4        0
Math 278    Topics Math of Bose and Fermi Gases  Yin          TTh 2-3:3    0
Math 289    Topics Homotopical Algebra           Barwick      TTh 2:30-4   0
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