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Job description

  • Attending class (this is a job requirement. Do not apply for courses, for which you have a time conflict).
  • Run weekly problem sessions.
  • Be available for questions: office hours, electronically.
  • Grading Homework and return them in time.
  • Provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class.
  • In some courses: post material on the course website.

Upper level CA Application

Your first and last name:
Your e-mail:
Your Concentration or department if you are Grad student:
Which courses are you interested to CA:
Any courses you have CA'd before?:
What math courses have you taken already?:
For questions about upper level CA positions, contact Oliver Knill ( If you are interested in an Xa-21b course assistant position, start here. There is a different application process for lower level CA positions.

Lineup Fall 2008

For questions, please contact Oliver Knill (
Alexander Isakov        23a
Amelia Lin         23a
Zhao Chen      23a
Jiashuo Feng         23a 
Jun-Ying Liu         23a 

Laura Starkston      25a
Andy Olsen       25a
Iurie Boreico       25a

Vesselin Dimitrov       55a

Christian Zamora          103
Weijun Xu             114
Ernest Fontes       115    
Zhou Fan       116
Nick Wage          116 

Andrew Ostergaard        121
Ameya Velingker      122
Francois Greer        122
Virginia Fisher     122
Neal Wadhwa       124
Harrison Pugh         136
John Cobb      131
Jesse Geneson      141
Dilshoda Yergasheva    152

Yi Li            212a
Andrew Li          213a 
Dmitry Vaintrob      221a
David Roe         223a
Yu-Shen Lin        230a
Thomas Koberda      231a
Shrenik Shah         232a
Fred van_der_Wyck         263
Greta Panova       277

Courses Fall 2008

Math 23a    Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II  Bamberg      TTh 2      5 GW
Math 25a    Honors Lin. Alg. and Real Anal.II    Bieri        MWF 10     3 GW
Math 55a    Honors Abstract Algebra              McMullen     TTh 10     1

Math 103    The mathematics of Leonhard Euler    Dunham       TTh 10     2
Math 114    Analysis II: Measure-Banach spaces   H-T Yau      TTh 10     1
Math 115    Methods of Analysis                  Yin          TTh 1      1
Math 116    Convexity and Optimization           Bamberg      TTh 4a     2
Math 121    Linear Algebra and Applications      Barwick      MWF 12     1
Math 122    Algebra I: Groups and Vector spaces  Gaitsgory    MWF 11     3 GW
Math 131    Topology I Top. Spaces, Fund. Group  Lam          MWF 12     1 GW
Math 136    Differential Geometry                Damjanovic   MWF 10     1    
Math 141    Intro Mathematical Logic             Sacks        MWF 1      1
Math 152    Discrete Mathematics                 Stange       TTh 1      2
Math 124    Number Theory                        Taylor       MWF 11     1

Math 221    Commutative Algebra                  Gaitsgory    MWF 10     1
Math 231a   Algebraic Topology (form. 272a)      Damjanovic   MWF 12     1
Math 232a   Intro Algebraic Geometry (form 260a) Kronheimer   MWF 11     1
Math 230a   Differential Geometry                Taubes       MWF 1      1
Math 212a   Real analysis (form. 251a)           Sternberg    TTh 10     1
Math 213a   Complex Analysis                     Schmid       TTh 11:30  1
Math 223a   Algebraic Number Theory (f. 251a)    Mazur/Tate   TTh 11:30  1
Math 263    Spaces of Algebraic Curves           Harris       MWF 2      1
Math 267    Intro to Stochastic Calculus         H-T Yau      TTh 11:30  1
Math 277    Combinatorial Represent. Theory      Williams     MWF 1-2:30 1
Math 286    Random Matrix Theory                 Gonzales     MWF 1      1

Lineup Spring 2008

For questions, please contact Oliver Knill (

John Cobb     math23b  Paul Bamberg
Gil Moss         math23b  Paul Bamberg
Avner May     math23b  Paul Bamberg
Andrew Schlafly   math23b  Paul Bamberg
Maanit Desai     math25b Ben Weinkove
Weijun Xu          math25b Ben Weinkove
Andrew Li         math25b Ben Weinkove
MenYoung Lee      math55b Samit Dasgupta
Alexandra Michael   math106   Tom Judson
Dilshoda Yergehseva   math106   Tom Judson
Gerardo ConDias    math112 Danijela Damjanovic
Lin Han      math112 Danijela Damjanovic
John Lesieutre      math113   Robert Strain
Kelley Harris    math113   Robert Strain
Elena Yudovina         math123   Alberto DeSole
Luca Candelori         math129  Richard Taylor                       
Neal Wadhwa    math130 Peter Kronheimer                    
Jakub Scholtz     math130 Peter Kronheimer                    
Jeechul Woo       math132    Veronique Godin
Silas Richelson   math137      John Duncan
Benedict Huang    math143    Gerald Sacks
Justin Bae      math154  Paul Bamberg
Jeff Nanney    math154  Paul Bamberg
Charles Chen     math154  Paul Bamberg                        
Sam Isaacson  math213b      Shing-Tung Yau
Lukas Koehler  math212b   shlomo@math               Shlomo Sternberg
Ruifang Song     math232b     Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Fred VanDerWyck      math287   Joe Harris

 23b   Bamberg    Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II MWF 11-12    4S
 25b   Weinkove   Honors Lin. Alg. and Real Anal.II   MWF 10-11    2
 55b   Dasgupta   Honors Real and Complex             TTh 1-2:3    1
 106   Judson     Ordinary Differential Equations     MWF 12-1     2
 112   Damjanovic Introductory Real Analysis          TTh 11:30-1  2
 113   Strain     Analysis I: Complex Funct. Theory   TTh 10-11:3  2
 123   De Sole    Algebra II: Rings and Fields        MWF 1-2      1
 129   Taylor     Number Fields                       MWF 9-10     1
 130   Kronheimer Classical Geometry                  MWF 11-12    2
 132   Godin      Topology II: Smooth Manifolds       MWF 12-1     1
 137   Duncan     Algebraic Geometry                  MWF 2-3      1
 143   Sacks      Set Theory                          TTh 11:30-1  1 
 154   Bamberg    Probability Theory                  TTh 4-5:30   3
 212br Sternberg  Advanced Real Analysis              TTh 10-11:3  1
 213br S.-T. Yau  Advanced Complex Analysis           TTh 11:30-1  
 230br S.-T. Yau  Advanced Differential Geometry      MWF 2-3
 231br Hopkins    Advanced Algebraic Topology         MWF 11-12
 232br Casalaina  Introduction to Algebraic Geom. II  MWF 1-2      1
 233br Casalaina  Theory of Schemes II                TTh 1-2:30
 243   Nowak      Evolutionary Dynamics               TTh 1-2:30
 244   Koellner   Advanced Set Theory                 TTh 1-2:30
 262   Goodwillie Manifolds and Homotopy Theory       TTh 10-11:3
 271   Bieri      Introd. to the Math. of GR          MWF 12-1
 275   Kobayashi  Multiplicity-Free Representations   MWF 11-12
 287   Harris     Algebraic Curves                    MWF 10-11    1
There was a short mandatory orientation meeting for all upper level CAs on Monday, January 28, 2008 at 8:30 in SC 507
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