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Job description

  • Attending class (this is a job requirement. Do not apply for courses, for which you have a time conflict).
  • Run weekly problem sessions.
  • Be available for questions: office hours, electronically.
  • Grading Homework and return them in time.
  • Provide feedback to the instructor on the progress of the class.
  • In some courses: post material on the course website.

Upper level CA Application

Your first and last name:
Your e-mail:
Your Concentration or department if you are Grad student:
Which courses are you interested to CA:
Any courses you have CA'd before?:
What math courses have you taken already?:
For questions about upper level CA positions, contact Oliver Knill ( If you are interested in an Xa-21b course assistant position, start here. There is a different application process for lower level CA positions.

Lineup Fall 2007

There is a short mandatory orientation meeting for all upper level CAs on Monday, September 17, 2007 at 8:30 in 507. For questions, please contact Oliver Knill knill\.
CA                 CA email                 Course     Prof email                Prof            
John Cobb          johncobb@fas math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Jeff Nanney        jnanney@fas  math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Josh Green         jtgreen@fas  math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg     
Dennis Sun         dsun@fas     math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Zhou Fan           zhoufan@fas  math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Weijun Xu          wxu@fas      math23a    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Nike Sun           nsun@fas     math116    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg    
Charles Chen       chen33@fas   math116    bamberg@math  Paul Bamberg 
Amos Lubin         alubin@fas   math114    ctm@math      Curt Mc Mullen  
MenYoung Lee       mylee@fas    math55a    gaitsgde@math Dennis Gaitsgory
Dragos Michnea     michnea@fas  math25a    weinkove@math Ben Weinkove    
Daniel Litt        dalitt@fas   math25a    weinkove@math Ben Weinkove    
Anna de Bakker     debakker@fas math25a    weinkove@math Ben Weinkove
Robin Walters      rwalters@fas math101    jfd@math      John Duncan     
Maanit Desai       mdesai@fas   math101    jfd@math      John Duncan     
Jakub Scholtz      jscholtz@fas math122    desole@math   Alberto DeSole  
Jacob Sanders      sanders@fas  math122    desole@math   Alberto DeSole  
Joey Armao         jarmao@fas   math122    desole@math   Alberte DeSole  
Luca Candelori     candelor@fas  math121   lbieri@math   Lydia Bieri     
Neal Wadhwa        nealian@yahoo math124   harris@math   Joe Harris      
Alexandra Michael  amichael@fas  math152   benesh@math   Bret Benesh     
Jessee Geneson     jgeneson@fas  math152   benesh@math   Bret Benesh    
Silas Richelson    sirichel@fas  math131   godin@math    Veronique Godin 
Gerardo Con Diaz   condiaz@fas   math131   godin@math    Veronique Godin 
Virginia Fisher    virginia.fisher@gmail math131   godin@math    Veronique Godin 
Poning Chen        pchen@math    math213a  anicoara@math Andreea Anicoara
Vinh Le Anh        vinh@math     math155r  lauren@math   Lauren  Williams 
Dustin Clausen     dclausen@fas  math221   tfylam@math   Thomas Lam      
Jay Pottarst       jay@math      math233a  jay@math      Jay Pottharst   
Valentino Tosatti  tosatti@math  math231a  ddamjano@math  Danijela Damjanovic  
Ruifang Song       rsong@math    math232a  kronheimer@math Peter Kronheimer
23a, Bamberg, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I, MWF, 11                        6
25a, Weinkove ,Honors Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I, MWF, 10                3
55a, Gaitsgory, Honors Abstract Algebra, TTh, 1-2:30.                            1
101, Duncan, Sets, Groups and Topology, MWF, 11                                  2
114, McMullen, Analysis II: Measure, Integ Banach Spaces , TTh, 10=9611:30       1
116, Bamberg, Convexity and Optimization with Applications,  MWF,                2
121, Lydia Bieri,  Linear Algebra and Applications, MWF,  12                     1
122, De Sole , Algebra I: Theory of Groups and Vector Spaces, MWF, 1             3
124, Harris, Number Theory, MWF, 10                                              1
131, Godin, Topology I: Topological Spaces and the Fundamental,  MWF 12          3
136, Sternberg, Differential Geometry,  TTh, 10=9611:30
152, Benesh, Discrete Mathematics,  MWF, 11                                      2
155r, (formerly Math. 192r). Williams, Combinatorics,  TTh, 11:30=961            1
212ar, H.-T. Yau,  Real Analysis,  MWF, 10a        
213a, Nicoara, Complex Analysis,  TTh, 10-11:30                                  1
221, Lam, Commutative Algebra (New Course),  MWF, 12a                            1
230a, S.-T. Yau, Differential Geometry,  MWF, 2  
231a, (formerly Math. 272a), Damjanovic, Algebraic Topology,  TTh, 1-2:30        1
232a, (formerly Math 260a), Kronheimer, Intro. to Algebraic Geom I, MWF, 1PM     1
233a, (formerly Math 261a), Mazur, Theory of Schemes I,  TTh, 11:30=961
265, De Sole, Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras,   MWF, 11
273, Sternberg, Topics in Analysis and Mathematical Physics, TTh, 11:30-1
282, Safari, Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Theory, TTh, 1=962:30
283, Munson, Topics in Knot Theory, MWF, 12
288, Hopkins, Algebraic K-Theory,  TTh, 10-11:30 

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