The Mathematics Education Seminar Series presents

Change of Basis: Inquiry-Based Linear Algebra

by Patrick Bahls, University of North Carolina, Asheville
Friday, November 17, 2006, 3:30-4:30pm, Harvard University Science Center, Room 110 Abstract: This talk will focus on a variety of inquiry-based learning (IBL) as applied to a particular mathematics course, namely an introductory- level linear algebra course taught at a public liberal arts university. After a brief discussion of the philosophy behind IBL and similar pedagogical motifs (guided discovery, Moore method, etc.), we will turn to an application of the theory as we examine the construction of an alternatively designed course from the ground up. Beginning with the planning of the course, we will see how the choice to use learner-centered methods influences the course design. From there, we will examine sample activities, exercises, and assessment tools, often considering these components from the point of view of the students themselves. Along the way, we will highlight mistakes and missteps, and compromises and corrections made to overcome those mistakes and missteps. Poster PDF