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Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in
Science Center 317,
One Oxford Street, Cambridge
December 5, 2001: Jane Gorman
Education Development Center, Inc
"Japanese Lesson Study: Polishing the Stone."

Description: Picture the ideal of our profession: a master teacher teaching a masterful lesson. How does this teacher become a master? How is this masterful lesson created? What makes this lesson so good? In Japan, the quest for answers to these questions is centered in a process called Lesson Study or "jugyou kenkyuu."
This seminar will be an opportunity to learn about Japanese lesson study. What is it? How does it work in Japan? What has lesson study been likened to "polishing the stone"? Why do Japanese teachers do it? Why are American mathematics teachers interested in it, even though they know the difficulty of transplanting ideas from one culture to another? What is happening in the U.S. around lesson study? What local experiments are underway? What local opportunities are emerging?
Planned Upcoming Events

December  12, 2001:     JANE GORMAN, Education Development Center, Inc.
"Lesson Study:  The Work Begins"

College and school faculty interested in forming 
"lesson study groups" are especially encouraged 
to attend these seminars. For more information
contact Daniel Goroff at goroff@math.harvard.edu. 

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