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                  "Understanding How Students Learn Using
                            Web-Based Modules."

                          Professor Jack Bookman
                         Department of Mathematics
                             Duke University
When:   Tuesday, May 1
        Brown bag lunch:  1:00-1:30pm
        Seminar:  1:30-2:30pm
Where:  317 Science Center (in the Bok Center)
        Harvard University
        One Oxford Street, Cambridge.

Copies of the introductory readings: 

M.K. Heid, G. Blume, K. Flanagan, L. Iseri, W. Deckert and C. Piez.  "Research
on mathematics learning in CAS environments."

S. G. Krantz.  "Imminent danger - from a distance."

D. A. Smith.  "Renewal in collegiate mathematics education:  Learning from

may be obtained from Room 506, Science Center.

Participants are encouraged to gather in the seminar room between 1:00pm
and 1:30pm and are welcome to bring their lunch.  Dessert and drinks will
be provided.

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