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The Harvard Seminar on Education in the Mathematical Sciences proudly

                 "Students Can Help Improve College Teaching:
                  A Metastudy of Student Ratings of Courses."

        John D. Emerson                 Frederick Mosteller
        Professor of Mathematics        Professor of Mathematical
        and Computer Science,           Statistics (Emeritus in the
        Middlebury College              Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
                                        and Roger I. Lee Professor of
                                        Mathematical Statistics (Emeritus
                                        in the School of Public Health),
                                        Harvard University

When:   Tuesday, April 24
        Brown bag lunch:  1:00-1:30pm
        Seminar:  1:30-2:30pm

Where:  317 Science Center (in the Bok Center)
        Harvard University
        One Oxford Street, Cambridge.

Copies of the introductory reading, "Students Can Help Improve College
Teaching:  A Review and an Agenda for the Statistics Profession," may be
obtained from Room 506, Science Center.

Participants are encouraged to gather in the seminar room between 1:00pm
and 1:30pm and are welcome to bring their lunch.  Dessert and drinks will
be provided.

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