Spring 2005

Mathematics 118r Dynamical Systems Spring 2005

Course Head: Oliver knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Email: knill@math.harvard.edu
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Information on books and papers. Documents accessible from this page are accesible via Harvard UID and Pin only.

External online resources:
A first course in dynamics by Boris Hasselblatt and Anatole Katok. This is the book, we use as a reading lecture in this semester. An introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems, by Robert L. Devaney. A book which had been used in the past for this course.
Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics by Robert L. Devaney. An other book by Devaney. More towards computer experiments. Billiards by Serge Tabatchnikov. A nice reference booklet for billiards.
Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems by Anatole Katok and Boris Hasselblatt. A 800 thick book by the same authors then our textbook. It is a good reference and contains much more material. The Birkhoff library in the Mathematics department has a handcopy of this book on the shelf. Encounters with Chaos by Denny Gulick. This 13 year old classic makes a good reading. Its focus is more narrow but it goes deeper.
Chaotic Evolution and Strange Attractors by David Ruelle. A short but fantastic little book with some interesting gossip. Celestial Encounters by Florin Diacu and Philip Holmes. Also this book is very entertaining, lots of stories about the people behind some discoveries.
  Math118r, Dynamical systems, Spring 2005, Oliver Knill, knill@math.harvard.edu. Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Harvard University, Background music credit: "Barocco", by "Rondo Veneziano" under the lead of Gian Piero Reverberi.