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Sectioning: After the introductory meetings, calculus is taught entirely in sections. To enroll in MathXa, Math 1a, Math 1b, Math 21a and Math 21b you must section by computer during the period starting Monday, September 20th, and no later than 1:00 pm (Noon) on Wednesday, September 22th. Note that you can re-section as often as you like during this time and your previous entry will be erased.
Directions for Sectioning by computer: (See also Flyer (PDF)). Using any Harvard computer, login into your FAS account. At the shell prompt, type

"ssh section@ulam.fas.harvard.edu" (Go to a science center public computer, if your machine should not have an ssh client installed. More help.)

and follow the instructions there. Your section assignment will be emailed to you by 5:00 pm Friday, September 24th.
Calculus advising and placement help is available as follows:
  John Boller
Science Center 320
Tel: 5-5377
(Placement advice)
Derek Bruff
Science Center 231
Tel: 6-0459
(Placement advice)
Andy Engelward
Science Center 435
Tel: 5-4744
(Placement advice)
Robin Gottlieb
Science Center 429
Tel: 5-7882
(Placement advice)
Matthew Leingang
Science Center 322
Tel: 5-5334
(Placement advice)
Cliff Taubes
Science Center 504
Tel: 5-5579
(Math 19,20,21,23,25,55 and 100 level only)
Th:9/161-3 pm 1-3 pm 9-11 am1-3 pm  
Fr:9/17 1-5 pm1-3 pm 9-11 am1-3 pm12-2 pm
Mo:9/20    9:30-111-3 pm12-2 pm
Tu:9/21  1-3 pm 9:30-11 12-2 pm
We:9/222-4 pm 9:30-11   12-2 pm
Th:9/23 3-5 pm     12-2 pm
Fr:9/24 3-5 pm     1-3 pm
Mo:9/27    1-3 pm  2-3:30
"Should I take Math 23,25,55, or 101?" Meeting and Discussion will be held on Thursday, September 16th at 4:00-5:30 pm in Science Center D.
REQUIRED Introductory Meetings will be held for each course on the following dates and locations:
Course Date Location Time
Xa Monday, Sept 20 Sci Center D 8:30am
1a Tuesday, Sept 21 Sci Center D 8:30am
1b Monday, Sept 20 Sci Center C 8:30am
21a Tuesday, Sept 21 Sci Center C 8:30am
21b Monday, Sept 20 Sci Center A 8:30am
Non-sectioned courses 19,20,23,25,55 begin on Monday, September 20th.
Sections in Xa,1a,1b,21a,21b will begin on Monday September 27th.
Math Warm Up Series: ( Details) Calculus faculty run optional course specific Preview/Review Sessions about various topics::

Hall DTue 9/211:00-2:30pm Algebra part I John Boller
Hall DTue 9/212:30-4:00pm Using Math Help Resources Effectively Derek Bruff
Hall DTue 9/214:00-5:30pm Conic Sections Matthew Leingang

Hall DWed 9/221:00-2:30pm More than Just SOHCAHTOA Derek Bruff
Hall DWed 9/222:30-4:00pm Problem Solving Andy Engelward
Hall DWed 9/224:00-5:30pm Angels, Arrows, and Limits in Calculus Angela Vierling-Claassen

Hall DThu 9/231:00-2:30pm Logarithms Robin Gottlieb
Hall DThu 9/232:30-4:00pm Modeling Biology and Economics Thomas Judson
Hall DThu 9/234:00-5:30pm Complex numbers Oliver Knill

Hall DFri 9/241:00-2:30pm Algebra Part II John Boller
Hall DFri 9/242:30-4:00pm Technology in your Math Classes Matthew Leingang
presenter two line abstract
Online Diagnostics Placement Tests: The Department of Mathematics is implementing voluntary online placement exams tailored specifically for Math 1a, 1b, 21a, and 21b. The exam for each course is an individualized, timed, multiple-choice test covering skills that students taking that course will be expected to know.
At the end of the test, you will immediately receive your results broken down by topic area as well as a placement recommendation based on those scores. The topical information can help you choose a Preview/Review Session to attend. Especially because this online system is new, all placement recommendations received from it should be discussed with a Mathematics Department advisor.

All first-year students are required to take the written placement exam. The online exam is for additional information. Students who have earned a score of 4 or 5 on the BC Calculus AP Exam, or who have course work on the level of Math 21ab are strongly encouraged to take the online exam.

START DIAGNOSTICS TEST (Online Diagnostics require a recent version of the Netscape or Mozilla web browsers which are also available in most labs on campus).

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This is an archived page. The current page is here.
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