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Research Assistant

Posted September 1: for an MIT based collaboration: ... more .

CA jobs Fall 2018

  • MA-21b course assistant positions Fall 2017
  • Applicants for Ma-21b course assistant positions must be current Harvard university students. CA application form.
  • Upperlevel CA positions Fall 2017 Course assistant applications for upper level courses in the fall 2017 are due by the last day of reading period of the spring semester. You may fill out the application form on the upperlevel page at any time, your info will be saved. You may fill it out after the deadline too, in case you may be needed. If you are interested in an upper level course assistant position,

Course Catalog

Courses can be searched on the Course catalog. The Course Locations report, Spring 2018. Here is a short link to search Math courses.

Information about upper level course assistants is as usual upperlevel CA page. Math Night are weekly problem-set nights for upper-level courses.


Women in Math and Science

Next Seminar 03/13/18:Artan Sheshmani: Quantum Cohomology, more...
Latest Math table:
03/06/2018 How to integrate in pi+i dimensions, by Davis Lazowski. More ... mathtable talk
The Women in Math and Statistics (WIMS) conference takes place at Harvard on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Pre-register here.

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News and Announcements

Piday 2018

The news and events page shows older announcements ...

Putnam Exam, December 2, 2017

Putnam results

Congratulations to Harvard's team for finishing second place in this year's Putnam competition. Special congratulations to David Stoner for being named a Putnam Fellow. Congratulations also to Ravi Jagadeesan and Dong Ryul Kim for being among the top 15 ranking individuals, and to George Han, Jacob Klegar, Shyam Narayanan and Stefan Spataru for honorable mentions. Results [PDF]

Talks on Youtube

The CDM 2017 talks are available as a playlist on our Youtube Channel.