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Courses of the Department of Mathematics

Here is a PDF of the course catalog for 2019-2020.

(last accessed in November, 2019). Office hours and classrooms will be posted at start of semester.

Faculty of the Department of Mathematics

Mathematics - Chairs and Directors
Chair of the Department of Mathematics: Curtis T. McMullen
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Jacob Lurie
Director of Graduate Studies: Mark Kisin
Faculty of the Department of Mathematics
Jameel Habeeb Al-Aidroos Senior Preceptor in Mathematics
Denis Auroux Professor of Mathematics (on leave spring term)
Ana Balibanu Benjamin Peirce Fellow (on leave 2019-2020)
Paul G. Bamberg Senior Lecturer on Mathematics
Dori Bejleri Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Emily Braley Preceptor in Mathematics
Christian Brennecke Benjamin Peirce Fellow
John Cain Senior Lecturer on Mathematics (Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Janet Chen Senior Preceptor in Mathematics (on leave fall term)
Man-Wai Cheung Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Voula Collins Preceptor in Mathematics
Cesar Cuenca Benjamin Peirce Fellow (on leave 2019-2020)
Matthew Demers Preceptor in Mathematics
Noam D. Elkies Professor of Mathematics
Elden Elmanto Benjamin Peirce Fellow
David Freund Preceptor in Mathematics
Dennis Gaitsgory Professor of Mathematics (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Benjamin Gammage Benjamin Peirce Fellow (on leave 2019-2020)
Carolyn Gardener-Thomas Lecturer on Mathematics
Fabian Gundlach Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Chris Gerig Lecturer on Mathematics
Robin Gottlieb Professor of the Practice of Mathematics
Dusty Grundmeier Associate Senior Lecturer
Jill Guerra Preceptor in Mathematics
Joseph D. Harris Higgins Professor of Mathematic
Eriko Hironaka Lecturer on Mathematics
Michael J. Hopkins George Putnam Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Caroline Junkins Preceptor in Matematics
Elana Kalashnikov Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Brendan Kelly Senior Preceptor in Mathematics
Mark Kisin Perkins Professor of Mathematics (Director of Graduate Studies) (on leave spring term)
Oliver Knill Preceptor in Mathematics
Peter B. Kronheimer William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics
Alexander Kupers Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Marius Lemm Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Eric Maskin Adams University Professor of Mathematics and Economics
Barry C. Mazur Gerhard Gade University Professor
Martin A. Nowak Professor of Mathematics and of Biology
Florencia Orosz-Hunziker Lecturer on Mathematics
Stepan Paul Preceptor in Mathematics
Katherine Penner Preceptor in Mathematics
Sabastien Picard Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Assaf Shani Benjamin Peirce Fellow (on leave 2019-2020
Yum Tong Siu William Elwood Byerly Professor of Mathematics (on leave spring term)
Clifford Taubes William Petschek Professor of Mathematics (on leave 2019-2020)
Arnav Tripathy Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Brooke Ullery Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Sebastian Vasey Benjamin Peirce Fellow
Hakim Walker Preceptor in Mathematics
Lauren Williams Professor of Mathematics
Hugh Woodin Professor of Philosophy and of Mathematics
Horng-Tzer Yau Merton Professor of Mathematics (on leave spring term)
Shing-Tung Yau William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematic
Eylem Yildiz Lecturer on Mathematics
Drew Zemke Preceptor in Mathematics
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