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An International Conference
"The Unity of Mathematics"

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Reimbursement policy:
  1. The four categories of people who may be eligible for reimbursement (other than the speakers) are graduate students, young scholars, women and minorities.

  2. Local people, i.e. those residing in the Greater Boston Area right before or after the conference for a long period of time (more than 1 month), are not eligible.

  3. Reimbursement can be given only to mathematicians/theoretical physicists.

  4. Graduate students: Ph.D. students enrolled currently in a math/physics graduate program should have an ID; it will be needed to obtain a pass to the banquet for $5.

  5. A young scholar is a person who got a Ph.D. in mathematics or theoretical physics in 1998 or later.

  6. Reimbursement can only be made on the basis of original receipts.  U.S. airline carriers required for reimbursement.

  7. People who are eligible for reimbursement should apply at the beginning of the conference. The procedure of this will be worked out and announced on the first day of the conference. We do not know the exact amount we will be able to reimburse, but we should be able to pay $300 to the first 60 applicants (and we do not at the moment expect a larger number of applicants).

  8. Questions about reimbursements should be sent to