Harvard Mathematics Logo ppp connection to FAS
For connecting to FAS using Macs or PC's, software is available at FAS . See their Dial-up guide .
If you prefer to setup the connection yourself, here are the parameters in the Free ppp setup panel and the TCP/IP panel for the Macintosh.
PPP setup panel
Chat script
TCP/IP Panel
Things to check if it does not work:
  • The modem has two phone jacks. It can be crucial for some modems that the the the right jack is attached to the telephone. Also chek that the cable is plugged well. Check the cable by putting a phone into the modem.
  • The modem is at the printer port or it is at the modem port and the application listens to the printer port.
  • If the get a box message "serial port in use": check if you have an extension called "Serial port arbitrator". If so, delete it and restart the machine.
  • Some oder modems can be in a bad state when switched on Switching them on and off again to reset should help.
  • There could be an error in the chat script. Make sure for example to update the password in the script when the FAS account passwort is changed.
  • Compare the settings in the TCP/IP panel. Check the telephone number, the search domain and and the name server addr server address.

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