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Extract PDF to other applications

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Extract PDF parts to Word or Keynote

Assume you have a PDF document which is uneditable and you want to extract part of it into a Word document or a Keynote presentation. The most convenient way is using TeXShop under OS X. Here is, how it works:
  • Drag the icon of the PDF file into TeXShop.
  • Use the extract tool (a dotted rectangle at the upper write corner) to select the part you want to copy.
  • Open the application in which you want to use the content. For example, open Keynote or MS Word.
  • Drag the content accross the application from TeXShop to the window and place it.

Example: PDF to Keynote

For example, we have a scanned PDF version of the classical book "Number Theory" of Hardy and Wright. We want to extract a theorem for a presentation in Keynote. Here is the same procedure described with screen shots:

Example: PDF to Word

The same procedure with MS Word.

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