Examples of interactive online resources in calculus

Available Technology

Flash Commercial software needed to create content. Therefore in danger of being oblivious within a few year years (i.e. acquisition by other company promoting other standard.). Example Sound and multimedia works well. Example.
Java Widely used in education. Different Java versions and browser incompatibilities slowed development a bit. Can be programmed on any platform. Risky when using sound but not impossible: (Example).
Javascript Works in general. Can be developed on any platform. The limited vector graphics support makes development difficult. No sound. Example 1, Example 2.

Some remarks

    Links on the web tend to disappear, applets change or stop working. Especially in education, where people move often, homepages get deleted. In general, it makes sense for a teacher to "google" for a specific type of applets or consult special education websites like Merlot or the connected curriculum project. Link collections (like this here) are quickly outdated, if nobody constantly updates it. When using an interactive tool for a class, it is a good idea to check three things in order to avoid frustration and disappointment:

    Does it work? Check main browsers on Mac, PC and Unix. Does it still work?
    Is it self-explanatory? Do students have to spend a lot of time figuring out, what the tool is about?
    Is it cool? Is it is worth the hassle? Test the applet at colleagues and students.

    Some of the links below were chosen to give bad examples.

Link collections

Mathlets Big link collection. Does not work on all browsers however
www.falstad.com Nice collection of Java applets, mostly physics.
David Ambrose applets Ambrose is at Duke. Some of the applets are useful.
Calculus applet collection Some of the applets are ok, many are confusing and hard to "learn".
Calculus applet collection Various calculus applets and links.
Math Tools Math Tools, mostly calculus

Examples in linear algebra

Eigenvalue applets Get a feel, what an eigenvector is.
Eigenvalues applets Eigenvalue is displayed when given matrix or vectors are iterated.
Linear map applet Simple doodling with linear maps in the plane.
Fourier Syntheses Maybe one of the best Fourier series applets around. With sound.
Fourier Syntheses Gives a feel on Fourier, but is rather limited.
Fourier Syntheses Shows Fourier approximation. Nice.
Quantum evolution applet Illustrates quantum evolution, a linear evolution.

Examples in multivariable calculus

Line integral applet Get a feel for line integrals.
Real Line integral applet Real version of a complex line integral applet.
Dot product applet Very limited.
Cross product applet Dito. It is no problem to visualize this with your own fingers.
Lagrange multiplier A simple figure illustrates this as well.
Level curves Level curves of a paraboloid. A bit too simple.
Differene and Sums Add and subtract vectors.

Examples in first year calculus

Slope Rather precalculus, to illustrate slopes and polynomials.
Taylor series An example, which does not work for all browsers.
Furman applets Some simplistic but they work.
Riemann sum applet Rather limited.

Examples in differential equations

Differential equations Cool laboratory, more than just a demo.
Predator Pray Allows to change parameters, Nice.
Damped spring Animation of damped spring.
DField lab An other popular lab (Dfield).
Logistic equation Numerical integration of logistic equation.