HTML tags

<! --- > Comments (not displayed)
<!DOCTYPE ...> Document type declaration
<a ...> Anchor
href Link to URL
<address> Address
<applet> Applet
<area ...> Image map
<b> Bold face
<base> Base Address
<basefont> Base Font
<bgsound> Background sound
<big> Big Fonts
<blink> Blink
<blockquote> Block quote
<body> Body
<br> Line break
<button> Submit button
<caption> Caption
<center> Center
<col> Citation
<colgroup> Column
<comment> Colgroup
<cite> Comment
<dd> Definition description
<del> Deleted
<dfn> Define
<dir> Directory
<div> Text alignment
<dl> Definition list
<dt> Definition term
<em> Emphasis
<embed> Embed
<fieldset> Field
<font> Font
<form> Form
<frame> Frame
<frameset> Frame set
<h3> Header type 3
<head> Page head
<hr> Horizontal rule
<html> Start of page
<it> italics
<img> image
<input> input
<ins> inserted
<isindex> for CGI
<label> Label
<legend> Legend
<li> Listing
<link> Link
<map> Image map
<margquee> Marquee
<menu> Menu
<meta> Meta tag
<multicol> Multi column
<nobr> No linebreak
<noembed> In case of no embed
<noframes > In case of no frames
<noscript > In case of no script
<ol > Ordered list
<option > Options
<p> Paragraph
<param> Parameter
<plaintext> Plain text
<pre> Pre formatted text
<s> Strike out
<sample> Sample
<script> Script
<select> Select
<small> Small fount
<sound> Sound
<spacer> Spacer
<sample> Sample
<span> Span
<strike> Span
<strong> Strong font
<style> Style
<sub> Sub
<sup> Supremum
<style> Style
<table> Table
<th> Table Header
<title> Document title
<tr> Table row
<tt> Tele type
<ul > Unordered list