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We have a Local catalog just for Mathematics courses. Wednesday, August 31 is the first day for all Fall classes. Harvard Calendar. Courses are also searchable on the Course catalog.


Next Seminar 12/07/16:Dan Romik: A Pfaffian point process for Totally Symmetric Self Complementary Plane Partitions, more...
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12/06/2016 Putnam Postmortem, by Noam Elkies. More ... mathtable talk

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Putnam exam this Saturday!

The 77st Annual Putnam mathematical competition takes place this Saturday December 3, 2016. There are two sessions:

Saturday, December 3: Hall C, Morning Session 10 AM - 1 PM Saturday, December 3: Hall C, Afternoon Session 3 PM - 6 PM

All signed up students should come at 9:30 AM., to allow time for signing in. Please come to the Science Center, Hall C. No textbooks or calculators are allowed. Bring your pencils. Refreshments will be served in the Common Room on the 4th floor after the competition.

Fall 2016 news

  • Please join congratulating H-T Yau on his receipt, with Laszlo Erdoes, of the 2017 AMS Eisenbud Prize, for their joint work proving the universality of eigenvalue statistics of Wigner random matrices.
  • Please congratulate our undergraduate concentrators Benjamin Lee, Henry Lin, and Jeffrey Yan, who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa this fall. Congratulations also to Calvin Deng and David Stoner, for placing first and third place in this year's Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest.

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